Phoenix Sports Repair

Phoenix Sports has been professionally repairing and customizing sporting goods equipment for over 20 years.

Expert craftsmanship and quality materials extend the life of your worn and used equipment for many years to come, saving you hundreds of dollars.

Phoenix Sports also has the ability to clean and wash equipment, removing any harmful bacteria, so you can simply concentrate on playing and enjoying the sport you love.

Here are some of the items and services we provide :

  • Hockey Glove Repalming and Repair
  • Replace Velcro or Elastic Straps
  • Skate Blade and Holder Replacement
  • Rivet Repairs
  • Tendon Guard Repair
  • Eyelet Facing Repair or Replacement
  • Tongue Repair or Replacement
  • Goalie Equipment Repairs and Customization
  • Baseball Glove Restringing and repairs